1 Syringe x 2ml per pack
€ 85,00


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1 Syringe x 2ml per pack
€ 85,00

Profhilo® H+L is a stabilized hyaluronic acid (HA) based product intended for skin remodeling and treating skin laxity, not just for filling lines and wrinkles. Profhilo® H+L is to be used in areas affected by skin laxity such as the malar and submalar areas of the face. Profhilo® H+L nourishes the dermal cells and restores the firmness of the skin. Profhilo® H+L improves tissue quality significantly, even in challenging areas, and is complementary to other aesthetic treatments and dermal filler procedures.


The pack consists of:

  • 1 x 2ml syringe

Benefits of Profhilo:

  • Improvement in tissue quality
  • Skin remodelling
  • Treatment of skin laxity
  • Restore skin firmness

How long does the result last for?

Results are instant from the first treatment. In general, results will last from 6 to 9 months and even up to one year depending on individual skin type factors, such as age, and lifestyle. PROFHILO H+L 2ML 1 Syringe




The IBSA Group is founded by a group of Swiss biologists in 1945, IBSA – Institute Biochimique SA has gained a unique experience in pharmaceutical research and technology. IBSA is a one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in developing medical devices based on hyaluronic acid and raw materials.

IBSA DERMA is the manufacturer of Profhilo, a new innovative solution for skin rejuvenation, and Aliaxin, a complete dermal filler range consisting of ultrapure hyaluronic acids. The Aliaxin fillers are a non-invasive, innovative treatment ideal for natural contouring, lifting and hydration.

Is Profhilo Worth it? Effectiveness, How Long it Lasts, Pros and Cons

Profhilo is a special treatment worth considering if your skin does not feel the way it used to when you were younger, thanks to a lack of hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen. An injectable consisting of hyaluronic acid (ha), Profhilo can rejuvenate your skin and give you that luminous glow and fresh look you are missing. Is it really worth it, though? PROFHILO H+L 2ML 1 Syringe

Many customers ask “Is Profhilo worth it?” The simple answer is, yes it is. It is fast-acting, effective, minimally-invasive, and do not carry the same risks as other procedures. It provides you with healthy, plumper, and fresher skin and a radiant glow that will shave years off you.

There is a reason why Profhilo and similar injectable treatments are taking the world by storm. We think it’s worth it, but here’s some more information for you to decide for yourself.

Does Profhilo Really Work?

Yes, the evidence of previous clients and various research studies into its use shows that Profhilo is effective as it is advertised as being.

Understandably, knowing that something actually works is only one aspect you need to consider when deciding whether a procedure is right for you.

If you are on the fence about Profhilo, it may help you to understand a little more about how it actually works.

How Does Profhilo Work?

During the procedure, very fine needles are used by a specialist to inject Profhilo into specific injection sites around your face that are known as Bio Aesthetic Points. PROFHILO H+L 2ML 1 Syringe

The hyaluronic acid solution starts to spread immediately after being administered into those injection sites, flowing evenly, integrating with the existing tissue in your skin.

The hyaluronic acid remains in your skin for approximately 28 days, during which time it starts to stimulate the production of 4 kinds of collagen and elastin slowly and gradually.


This is why you will never hear it being referred to as just a simple skin booster because it offers significant skin tightening and lifting effects too.

One of the biggest benefits of it is the fact that it takes just 15 minutes to administer but produces positive results almost immediately.

You will notice a real difference in your face and skin following the first session of treatment, with it feeling much smoother and looking much brighter.

Does Profhilo last long enough to be worth it?

Although the Profhilo only remains in your body for around 28 days, the results only improve with time and can last for approximately 6 months.

Though, it depends on individual patients, their general health and how serious their problems were at the time of having them corrected.

Does Profhilo make you look younger?

Yes, it will.

That is one of the ultimate goals of Profhilo – it’s a treatment that has been devised to counteract the natural depletion of hyaluronic in your skin that results in it not having the elasticity or firmness it once had.

The injections of hyaluronic won’t just make you look younger, though, as they will also make you feel younger. PROFHILO H+L 2ML 1 Syringe

Is Profhilo better than fillers?

We already noted that Profhilo, despite offering similar benefits, is not a skin booster. Another popular treatment many people mistake for Profhilo being exactly the same as is dermal fillers.

Again, because it does more than just puff out the skin, it is considered to be a bio remodelling treatment that rejuvenates the natural product of elastic and collagen in the skin.

While fillers are ideal when you just want to make small adjustments and improvements to specific areas of your face like the cheeks or under your eyes etc, Profhilo is the cosmetic facial treatment you should opt for if you want to make more extensive improvements to your face as a whole.

Importance of Collagen and Elastin in Your Skin

Collagen and elastin are mentioned frequently in this post and in reference to the subject of skin health. You may wonder why collagen and elastin are so important.

Collagen is the protein that makes up the largest percentage of your skin, at about 75 to 80%. Collagen has a crucial role in the strengthening of your skin and can actually help with elasticity and hydration.

Elastin is another crucial protein that is, as the name suggests, incredibly elastic and found in connective tissues.

It is what helps your skin return to its original form and position when you pinch and poke at it.

This is why as you get older and elastin reduces, the elasticity reduces, and your skin does not correct issues that younger skin would. PROFHILO H+L 2ML 1 Syringe

Pros and Cons of Hyaluronic Acid-Based Treatments like Profhilo

Further to what we have covered above, to help you decide whether a hyaluronic acid-based procedure like Profhilo treatment is right for you or not, it may be worth considering the many pros and cons of having Profhilo.

Profhilo treatment is far from being a perfect skin treatment – we would ask you to point us in the direction of any that could be classed as such – and weighing up the good and the bad is a very good way to make a balanced decision. PROFHILO H+L 2ML 1 Syringe.

Profhilo Pros

  • Can be used to benefit you regardless of the skin type or skin tone you have
  • Compared to alternatives, it produces a more ‘lit-from-the-inside out glow’ and a luminosity that does not require the same level of commitment to a convoluted skincare routine or the constant use of well-placed makeup.
  • It is very quick to administer – taking just 15 minutes, has very few serious side effects, and requires little to no recovery time whatsoever.

Profhilo Cons

Thanks to the way the treatment gets to work, the results of Profhilo will often be a lot more subtle than dermal fillers or Botox.

  • This means if you are looking for dazzlingly obvious results from the moment you leave the clinic, you may want to pair it with laser treatment or skin boosters.
  • Furthermore, if you have more severe signs of ageing, like deep-set wrinkles and fine lines or sagging skin, it may require more than just Profhilo to get the results you want.
  • As the 5 areas in each side of the face that Profhilo is injected into are in the lower and mid sections, it won’t have any impact on your brows or forehead. So, you may still need dermal fillers or Botox to target those troublesome areas. PROFHILO H+L 2ML 1 Syringe

Summary: is Profhilo Worth Getting?

Yes, Profhilo is worth getting but you need to determine whether it is the best treatment option for your particular facial and skin goals. Profhilo works for any skin type and will improve the aesthetics of any face. But if you’re looking for a totally dramatic turnaround for sagging skin or deep wrinkles, you’re best combining it with another treatment.


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