December 1, 2023

Please show us photos about the problem. 2, We don’t accept return and exchange for size problem if the costume is custom made. Sorry, there was a problem. Some new characters will also be included in this version of Genshin Impact, so there is a ton of fresh material to explore. I’m already planning to sort my party list again, deciding who gets built and who gets left behind – not based on any powerful meta, but based on who I think will have the cutest outfits. And now that Genshin characters may be hitting Teyvat’s runway, I’m drawn back in. 2. The color displayed may slightly vary due to different monitor settings. 1 as picutre shows; ✦a For the colours, maybe the color displayed may slightly vary due to different monitor settings. 1. Note: Dimensions are measured by hand, may be 1-3 cm deviations. They are, however, very scarce, and only six outfits are currently available for purchase in the in-game store.

Having examined the subject matter thoroughly, it is evident that the article offers valuable knowledge about Genshin Impact Outfits Guide How To Get The Jean And Barbara Outfits Pc Gamer. Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd developer miHoYo issued an official statement on April 22, apologizing and cancelling the bunny girl anniversary events in the Global version of Honkai, but what actually happened? Lastly, the situation is even more ridiculous when taking into account what recently happened in China. Overall, the situation was even more hateful than the Zhongli controversy in Genshin Impact. So when I find a new favorite in Genshin Impact like Zhongli or Ningguang, it’s been a bit of a bummer I can’t customize my party to my tastes. HoYo published some preliminary concept art featuring new skins for Jean, Mona, Amber, and Rosaria, though it’s not yet clear if more characters will have new outfits in the next update as well. Considering Mihoyo’s other game, Honkai Impact, offers plenty of flashy fashion options, it’s an easy leak to believe. This has yet to be confirmed by HoYoverse, so the leak should be taken with a grain of salt.

However, the Chinese server will be sending the equivalent of 2800 Crystals / 10 rolls to all players. Lisa’s new outfit can be obtained for free during the new event called ” Second Blooming” which is arriving on January 31st and will end on February 14th. In the event, players need to clear the event and obtain the necessary points (the total number of points required will be released with the event) to get the outfit for free. This new outfit will be available to the players a few days after the 2.4 updates. Not only Global players have unjustly lost their events, they’re not getting as much compensation as well. You can find a few tweets from the Japanese Honkai players confirming this as well. As an apology, both the Global version and the Chinese version of Honkai will be distributing free gacha rolls to their players. After the Version 2.5 Update on February 16, 2022, you will automatically get 100% Outrider and all other Alternate Outfits. You’ll receive all four of these Outfits even if you don’t have these characters, meaning you’ll have them around if you ever do pull one of these four characters. These will be free for everyone, and anyone not playing on Chinese servers will get the choice to swap outfits or keep the existing ones.

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In the Genshin Impact 2.4 update, the players will get Ninnguang’s new outfit “Orchid’s Evening Gown”. While Jean’s Outfit is still at its priciest, there is a chance that its discounted price might see a rerun during a future update, so if you’re on a mission to save your Genesis Crystals, don’t lose hope yet! The first thing to note is, to use Ayaka’s new outfit or Lisa’s new outfit players need to have the character first. Ningguang’s formal Outfit, Orchid’s Evening Gown, is obtainable for free to players who participate in the Fleeting Colors in Flight event. YAE SAKURA – Who is new Genshin Impact character Guuji Yae? It states that “The bunny girl designs and dance were out of character and are inappropriate”. Occasion: Bridesmaid Dress, Beach Dress,Daily wear, Masquerade, Dance Party , Halloween, Theme party, Cosplay, Stage,etc. It was similar to a typical Miku Miku Dance video, but in much higher quality. Create your ReedPop ID & unlock community features and much more! Find out more about the leaked Genshin Impact 2.8 skins.

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