September 9, 2023

50 ▶ If ever there was a question that golf balls are designed to serve distinctly different player types, the AVX stands as a definitive example that one ball does not fit all. In an excerpt in The New Yorker, author John Jeremiah Sullivan described tennis, with its great yawning divide between players, as “perhaps the most isolating of games.” Despite all of the sweaty, frantic, kinetic energy passed between players-no matter the space between them-many sports necessitate a kind of intimate self knowledge and awareness in each player, and tennis is a unique example. This ability to call the shots-literally-is repurposing tennis into something new, in a quietly revolutionary way. They’ve infused tennis with a healthy, much needed dose of engagement and participation, and they intend to keep new waves of players rolling in. Athletes had to maintain and stay on form, hobbyists wanted to keep up their routine, and regular folks wanted to try their hand at a new sport, once infections dropped and restrictions were lifted. Designed to stay on the face for longer, it also increases spin, with the cover extremely durable, as we found out in our testing.

From our testing sessions, this is a really nice ball to play with and will suit high handicap players who may struggle with power off the tee. Long game performance: You may ask how the Velocity is the longest golf ball in the Titleist range and, put simply, it’s down to the fact that it’s quite a low spinning ball. While the ball’s dimples must be symmetrical, there is no limit to the number of dimples allowed on a golf ball. Finally, we must give a shout out to the feel when struck with a putter, as a lovely, soft feel produces very good control. ❌ You want a soft feel around the greens: The cover and core design makes these balls rather firm off the face. An estimated 1.2 billion balls are manufactured every year and an estimated 300 million are lost in the US alone. On their YouTube channel there are tactical drills and pro tips to round out an interactive experience from a brand that wants to ensure you’re enjoying your Bag, and your game, to the fullest. It’s claimed that the ball is an all-rounder for ‘the competitive golfer striving to break 80.’ The brand also states that the construction of the ball should deliver high speed and low spin off the driver and long irons, with a more stable flight for better accuracy.

Lining up the center of gravity on tee shots and putts optimizes distance, consistency and accuracy. Shots from around 50-yards out averaged approximately 500 rpm more than we got with the 2022 Tour Response and produced a higher flight than we expected. The original Tour Soft was designed as a distance play in the category of softer-feeling golf balls. Recognized officially as the world’s longest-distance golf ball by WRC, it has undergone rigorous certification tests using a WRC-approved robot swinger. Long game performance: Instantly, we noticed the increase in distance, with our tester gaining 15 yards of the tee from using this golf ball. That is precisely what tour players do, and it is largely what we do in determining the golf ball Hot List, our guide to the balls that you should focus on when you start your search. Akin to the taylormade golf bag Tour Response 2022, the Soft Response aims to take some of the technologies found in the best premium golf balls and implement them into a ball that is aimed towards higher handicap golfers.

Do golf balls make a difference? Why do golf balls have layers? The best premium golf balls come in alternative versions that spin slightly less for players who prefer a firmer feel or more control off the tee. These balls feature the intermediate mantle layer and drag-reducing “dual-radius” dimple pattern of the TP5/TP5X models to provide more distance off the tee. Design/Tech: The e9 Long Drive ball features an injection moulded seamless Surlyn cover and Bridgestone’s Tour-proven 330 dimple pattern. As any golfer knows, having the right golf ball can make all the difference when it comes to your game. No, golf ball dimple patterns can affect the ball’s flight path and are taken into consideration by the golf ball manufacturer’s during development. Maxfli has designed a new core formula to help create faster ball speeds by reducing spin, and the dimple pattern provides a higher flight, especially off driver strikes. This symmetry is the result of a dispute that stemmed from the Polara, a ball sold in the late 1970s that had six rows of normal dimples on its equator but very shallow dimples elsewhere.


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