September 20, 2023

Propnomicon: From the Black BookIn Persona 5 Royal, selecting the right personas for your team is crucial for success. One of the arcana that players often overlook is the Moon arcana. Surprisingly, it houses some of the game’s most exceptional personas, each with distinctive and potent abilities. Let’s dive into the best Moon personas in Persona 5 Royal.

First on our list is Tsukiyomi Picaro, an enhanced iteration of the base game’s Tsukiyomi. With a focus on curse-based skills, Tsukiyomi Picaro is perfect for those who favor darker abilities. His unique trait, “Ephemeral Moon,” enhances the power of his curse spells. His prowess in dealing damage to adversaries makes him a valuable asset to any team.

2. Black Rider, a persona with a striking and mysterious appearance. Black Rider specializes in Almighty-based skills, which are incredibly versatile. The “Empty Wave” trait amplifies the strength of Almighty attacks. Black Rider’s versatility and potent damage output make him a top choice for various situations.

Returning to the base version, we have Tsukiyomi, an enduring favorite among Moon arcana enthusiasts. This persona specializes in curse-based attacks and acquires skills like “Maeigaon”. While not as powerful as his Picaro counterpart, Tsukiyomi is a reliable choice for players seeking curse abilities. His consistent damage output and versatility make him a solid asset to any team.

Girimehkala is a unique Moon persona with a distinctive appearance. This persona excels in blocking physical attacks and can absorb them. The “Dampen Physical” trait decreases the damage taken from physical attacks. His physical prowess and durability make him an intriguing choice for players aiming to enhance their defensive capabilities.

Last but not least is Andras, Dionysus a Moon persona distinguished by its unique skill set. Andras excels in wind-based attacks and possesses skills like “Garula”. The “Gale” trait amplifies the power of his wind skills, establishing him as a formidable wind user. Andras’s ability to control the wind elements offers strategic advantages in battles.

These Moon personas in Persona 5 Royal offer diverse abilities catering to various playstyles. Whether you prefer dark curses, versatile Almighty skills, or sturdy defenses, the Moon arcana has something for you. Experiment with these personas to discover new strategies and enhance your team’s dynamics.


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