January 15, 2021

Juvederm volite lidocaine
From 2013 onwards, jabhealthlimited.com  has been pioneering the injectable dermal hydration product Juvederm Volite. They have been heavily involved in the European clinical trials for the treatment and was also the first to launch this product in the UK as well as in international markets across Asia and worldwide. We are proud to be able to offer this at one aesthetic product. 
An innovative product according to jabhealthlimited, the Juvederm Volite injection is a hyaluronic acid injective. And yet, it is not a dermal filler. It is a gel which when injected into the middle layers of the skin helps to nourish and replenish skin appearance from within. 
It has been designed to improve skin quality in only one session. Which can be ideal for some as other products may need multiple injections, several weeks apart. 
Price plans for the Juvederm Volite lidocaine 1m1 2 syringes x 1m1 per pack injection start at £225 per syringe only at jabhealthlimited.com. The results from one session can be very impressive and last as long as 9 months or even a year, depending on the quality of your skin. You may need more than one syringe per session depending on your desired outcome. 
The aim of Juvederm Volite lidocaine 1m1 2 syringes x 1m1 is to improve the texture of the skin to produce a much smoother appearance. It can also be highly effective in improving the naturally forming dark, hollows or lines which form around the eye area. According to jabhealthlimited.com, in fact, is a pioneer in using Juvederm for improving the under the eye. Producing a number of innovative techniques only used here at JAB HEALTH STUDIO as a result. 
Anywhere on the body can be treated using Juvederm Volite. However, common areas for treatment include: 

  • Face.
  • Neck.
  • Neckline (neck, shoulders, back and upper chest).
  • Dorsal Aspect of Hand.
    Who should not get Juvederm Volite Beauty Booster?
    Because the majority of dermal fillers used today contain hyaluronic acid, which is already naturally present in the body, allergic reactions are less common. That said, if you are allergic to any of the proteins used to make hyaluronic acid, you have severe allergic reactions, you are allergic to lidocaine (which is a built-in anesthetic), or you have a bleeding disorder or are generally prone to bleeding, you want to avoid getting Juvederm Volite treatment.

If you have an injury near the site of injection you will want to wait until that heals before scheduling your appointment. Anyone, who is pregnant or breastfeeding should not undergo this treatment as the effects of dermal fillers on pregnancy and nursing are unknown.
When can I expect to see results?
According to jabhealthlimited.com you can expect to see the results of Juvéderm Volite Beauty Booster treatment immediately. Because the direct injection of hyaluronic acid in liquid form also stimulates the natural collagen in your body you will continue to see improvements in your skin for up to 6-9 months.
Will I need more than one treatment?
According to jabhealthlimited.com Juvéderm Volite Lidocaine 1m1 Beauty Booster treatment results last for 6-9 months. In order to maintain these results we recommend retreating the targeted area as needed.
Are there any side effects?
According to jabhealthlimited.com you might experience swelling, redness, or bruising at the site of injection, but any side effects should resolve themselves within a week of the treatment.

As a treatment, Juvederm is proven to be extremely safe. The result is smoother, more hydrated, skin. Miss Chantrey, one of the practitioners here at Jab health studios, was actually on the advisory board during the conception of the Juvederm treatment. She took part in the clinical study in France, personally testing and injecting the product into a number of test patients. Miss Chantrey was the only UK doctor involved in this process. 
It is possible to experience some mild side effects following the treatment. This can include redness, itching, swelling and some bruising around the site of the injections. However, these are typically extremely mild and temporary results. Likely the longest this will last is a week. 
According to jabhealthlimited.com Juvederm Volite lidocaine 1m1 2 syringes x 1m1 is extremely safe. However, it’s always best to have a medical consultation prior to administration. And you should always ensure your practitioner has had the correct training by Allergan, especially as it does involve some specialised techniques and additional specifications. Seek an advanced nurse or doctor who has had the correct and professional training.
You can get the best global prices, very high and authentic quality Juvederm Volite Lidocaine 1m1 at jabhealthlimited.com

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