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Cambridge Skin Code MesoLift

Cambridge Skin Code MesoLift

Characteristics The hyaluronic acid gel in this formulation characterises its use in treatments where the primary aesthetic objective is to recover the harmonious balance of the face.

Benefits of Aliaxin SR
•Remodelling of the face
Replenished facial fullness
•Natural and well-defined facial contours
•Allows homogeneous diffusion in the tissue and extended areas of the face
•Long lasting

•2 syringes of cross-linked hyaluronic acid (1ml)
•4 sterile needles (27G x 13mm TSK)

How long does the result last for?
Aliaxin SR is estimated to last from 6-12 months.

This duration depends on the degree of correction required and the individual’s lifestyle age and skin type.

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Fur is dense hair Primarily fur augments the insulation the skin provides but can also serve                                             as a secondary sexual characteristic or as camouflage.

On some animals the skin is very hard and thick and can be processed to create leather.

Reptiles and fish have hard protective scales on their skin for protection and birds have hard feathers                          all made of tough β-keratins.

Amphibian skin is not a strong barrier especially regarding the passage of chemicals via skin and is often            subject to osmosis and diffusive forces.

For example a frog sitting in an anesthetic solution would be sedated quickly as the chemical diffuses                through its skin.


Cambridge Skin Code MesoLift

Amphibian skin plays key roles in everyday survival and their ability to exploit a wide range of                              habitats and ecological conditions.

Contains hexapeptide which acts like botulinum toxin relaxing wrinkles.

Relaxes wrinkles due to botulinum toxin like effect
Lifts and firms sagging skin
For men and women
For all skin types
Brightens and rejuvenates tired looking skin

Presented in 10 x 5mL Vials

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