Painless wrinkle removal

As its name hints it, this revolutionary soft-tissue filler contains a small amount of lidocaine (3%). This is a type of local anesthetic which will guarantee that patients will enjoy a pain-free treatment experience. At the same time, the lidocaine in this product does not affect its anti-aging powers. Since the main active ingredient in Neuramis Light with Lidocaine is Hyaluronic Acid (HA), this professional-grade filler injection has the following abilities:

  • Delivers fast skin hydration
  • Easily corrects lines and wrinkles on the face
  • Visibly improves the texture of the skin
  • Safely rejuvenates the décolleté, back of the hands and neck

After the injection procedure, there may be a mild sensation of discomfort but it normally disappears in a matter of hours or days at the very most.

Neuramis Light’s many advantages

One of the biggest advantages of this reliable skin filler by Medytox is its premium quality. The gel in it is specially produced by Shiseido – a leading Japanese manufacturer. It has been carefully optimized to have the perfect balance between viscosity, density, and elasticity.

Since the HA in Neuramis Light with Lidocaine has undergone a 2-step cross-linking process, it biodegrades at a slower rate, delivering more durable anti-wrinkle results that range from 6 months to a full year.


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