September 9, 2023

Make sure your dog can’t get any more Nutella by separating them from the spill or removing any remaining Nutella. Just make sure they have plenty of water in their bowl. Added raisins, nuts, or cocoa all make them more toxic. Simply put, small dogs are far more likely to become sick from eating chocolate than large dogs are. Although there is no exact amount of fat known to lead to pancreatitis, any dog ingesting a sudden large amount of fat is at risk. Find your dog’s size in pounds down the left side of the table and then move across to the amount of Cocoa powder your dog ate to determine the level of danger to your dog.Below is a breakdown of 1 ounce, 2 ounces, 3 ounces, and 4 ounces. Chocolate toxicity depends on the amount of chocolate, the type of chocolate, and the size of the dog. Therefore, the amount AND type of chocolate are important when determining if your pet ate a toxic dose.

Only then can your vet diagnose the severity of the poisoning and know whether your pet needs immediate treatment. In milder cases, chocolate nicotine poisoning symptoms may result in a small amount of vomiting and diarrhea. Should I induce vomiting if my dog eats some chocolate? The first thing to do if your dog eats something they shouldn’t is to check the label. For example, if a small breed dog eats a large quantity of dark chocolate, then there is a higher likelihood of a negative effect compared to a large dog. Although most chocolate does not contain a large amount of caffeine, the additive effect with theobromine can compound the stimulant effects. In some pets, ingesting a large fatty meal (such as the entire contents of an Easter basket full of chocolate) can lead to a painful and sometimes life threatening condition known as pancreatitis. Ingesting a considerable quantity of Vaseline could cause more severe vomiting and diarrhea, and eventually, dehydration. One way dogs end up accidentally ingesting things is by chewing on them. You can take some steps to discourage this behavior or channel your pup’s energy in a more constructive way.

In fact, if you look at the list of ingredients in Nutella, cocoa comes quite a long way down the list. Then look at the label: check the ingredient list for Xylitol (E967) and nuts other than hazelnuts. Currently, Nutella does not use Xylitol in their products, and neither do any of the similar chocolate or hazelnut spreads out there. If your pup’s paws need some TLC, ask your veterinarian what the best product is to use. Keep hold of the packaging when possible, as the weight of the product and the cocoa content (usually stated on the package) may help your vet calculate whether a toxic dose has been consumed. The rule of thumb to follow if you think your dog ate chocolate is to get help from a vet ASAP. Weigh your dog to help ascertain if your dog has eaten a toxic quantity for its size. Milk chocolate has far less Theobromine than darker chocolates, so, as the chart shows, dogs are less affected, and the urgency may be less, depending on the size of the dog and the amount consumed.

However, you should assume that any chocolate cake will have at least the same amount of theobromine per gram as milk chocolate and comes with all the same toxicity risks. Your vet will need to consider each product’s risks in light of what it contains and how much the dog ate. Most owners are aware that chocolate can potentially be harmful to canines, but just how much does your dog need to consume before they should be taken to the vet? What Should I Do if My Dog Ate Chocolate? When it comes to chocolate cake, the theobromine concentration will generally be lower than what is found in a chocolate bar. Accordingly, baked chocolate items are likely more dangerous than a typical, milk chocolate candy bar. My small dog has vomited chocolate and candy wrappers. What if my dog ate chocolate cake or brownies? If the chocolate was part of a sugary treat, such as a cake or brownies, the stomach upset can be much worse. Nutella-covered brownies, for instance, are likely to have much more chocolate in it than the small amount in the spread.


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