September 8, 2023

Whenever a student wants to go abroad for further studies, then he or she should appear for IELTS examination. This examination is meant for accessing the English aptitude of the students and they can learn to solve previous year's IELTS question papers by studying the papers.

By buying the necessary study material, CDs and other books which consist of IELTS papers, you can solve the questions online.

Solving IELTS question papers online

Today, the reputed universities offer free stimulation test online so that the student can rigorously prepare for their IELTS examination. They can find even more than 100 model question papers online.

By solving the questions, they can view their score immediately after completing the test online. They can also view the answers of the test. If a student views the site of the IELTS, then they can view free videos and demos also. Many practice resources and resources are also available online.

A student can read tips about IELTS test preparation also. They must develop language skills to pass the examination and they should understand the format of the examination, so that he or she can prepare for the examination thoroughly. To read more tips about IELTS test preparation, the student should refer to many model question papers and preferably solve previous model questions.

In this way, they can learn about the pattern of question papers.

Some mentors may assist the student for IELTS exam preparation, but online a student can study about different types of examinations conducted in the past. But, a student requires a mentor who can personally interact with them and thoroughly prepare them for IELTS exam preparation.

Other information for appearing for the examination

Apart from solving the question papers and preparing for the examination, a student should consider the other following points.

A student should learn about the registration process of the examination. The location and the place for examination also should be known to the student, so that during the time of examination, a student does not face any difficulty. The terms and the conditions of examination also should be known to the student so that a they should not unnecessarily fail in the examination or disqualified from the examination. If a student is disabled or needs special attention, then he or she should follow special terms and conditions and special provisions are provided for such students.

To secure a visa, a student should attain a minimum score and a student should be aware of that factor to pass the examination.

IELTS preparation course

A student can view different type of IELTS preparation course online and they can even personally meet the tutor online and interact with the tutor.

In the IELTS preparation course, a student can even focus upon the weak areas by reading the particular syllabus. The candidate can attend many mock tests and practice tests also. According to the convenience of the students, the course is designed. Many online videos and notes are also provided by the mentor.


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