January 21, 2021

According to jabhealthlimited.com As the first antioxidant, hyaluronic acid-based gel formulated for the treatment of vaginal dryness, Desirial is a unique new treatment option in women’s gynaecologic care. This injectable viscosupplement solution is non-animal and biodegradable, making it both bioavailable and safe for use.
Desirial is powered by hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in the body’s mucous membranes. This compound can retain up to 1,000 times its weight in water, helping to hydrate and tone any tissues into which it is injected. Because hyaluronic acid has a short half-life and is soluble in water, Desirial features a cross-linked variety in order to ensure the filler’s stability. During the cross-linking process, molecules are bound together and are able to remain intact for several months. This enables Desirial to maintain its hydrating properties for long periods of time.
Desirial is designed and manufactured in France by Laboratoires Vivacy, an aesthetic and anti-aging medicine specialist that deals in the production and distribution of high-quality injectables. Founded in 2007, Vivacy was created by specialists qualified in biopolymers and injectable product technologies with more than 25 years of experience in the field.
Each package of Desirial contains 2 prefilled 1mL syringes, 2-27G½” needles, 2-30G½” needles and IPN-Like cross-linked sodium hyaluronate.

According to jabhealthlimited.com Vaginal dryness is a common experience among women, and may stem from a variety of health issues, including the consumption of prescription medications and menopause. Characterized by feelings of chronic irritation, burning, and itching, this ailment leads to the drying of vaginal mucosa and the loss of elasticity. Caused by the decreased vascularization of the dermis and the degeneration of collagen and elastin fibres, this issue can seriously affect a patient’s quality of life.
Desirial offers a solution to this problem: designed to restore tone, elasticity, sensitivity, and hydration to the vulvovaginal area, this injectable filler drastically reduces vaginal discomfort. With this, hyaluronic acid is injected directly into the affected tissues for instantaneous comfort and relief.

According to jabhealthlimited.com Desirial injections are meant to hydrate the vulvovaginal area by providing hyaluronic acid directly to its tissues. By providing indirect mechanical pressure on the cells that form mucosa, this procedure increases their activity. In turn, this leads to the synthesis of elastin and collagen fibres, improving the overall quality and quantity of vulvovaginal mucosa.
This dermal filler utilizes Vivacy’s patented IPN-Like Technology. This inventive feature involves the interpenetration of two monophasic, cross-linked hyaluronic acid networks, stabilizing this compound to ensure increased efficacy, tolerance, safety, and product endurance.
Desirial also features the antioxidant mannitol, which works to limit post-injection gel degradation. Mannitol scavenges free radicals generated by the penetration of the cannula or needle, protecting the hyaluronic acid molecules during the first hours after injection.

How can an injection of hyaluronic acid offer relief to women suffering from vulvo-vaginal disorders?

Injections deliver hyaluronic acid directly into the tissues of the vulvo-vaginal area to contribute to its efficient hydration. This type of injection provides indirectly mechanical pressure on the cells that form the vulvo-vaginal mucosa, thus increasing their activity.
This leads to the synthesis of elastin and collagen fibres and improves the quality of the vulvo-vaginal mucosa

What are the consequences of ageing on the vaginal mucosa?
The female genital organs – like all organs of the body – are not immunised against the passage of time. During the menopause, the tissues of the vulvar area are particularly affected by the decreasing oestrogen production.
Without oestrogen, the vaginal mucosa thins and dries out, becoming weaker. The vagina loses its suppleness and its elasticity. Its natural protective mechanisms become less efficient, thus increasing the risk of vaginal infection
As a result, these physical changes can affect women’s quality of daily life.
These symptoms are usually due to the loss of elasticity of the mucosa and occur specifically during the menopause3. Child-bearing age women can also be affected.

What type of physician should I see to get this treatment?

Any practitioners specialised in reconstructive and functional gynaecology. The injections of DESIRIAL® and/or DESIRIAL® PLUS must be performed in the doctor’s office by legally authorised practitioners with a good
anatomical knowledge of the site to be treated and with experience of dermal fillers injection techniques.
What does the procedure involve?

A simple local anaesthetic may be suggested before each injection of DESIRIAL® and/or DESIRIAL® PLUS, to ensure a painless efficient treatment.
DESIRIAL® is injected typically into the vulvar area and at the entry of the vagina. The practitioner will use a very fine needle making it possible to inject the product very superficially, just below the mucosal tissue to be rehydrated.
The practitioner will inject DESIRIAL® PLUS just under the labia majora dermis. A small cannula will be used to spread the product along the labia without causing any damage. The procedure lasts about 20 minutes.

What can I expect after DESIRIAL treatment?
DESIRIAL and DESIRIAL PLUS products reinforce hydration and restore comfort of intimate areas. The mucosa becomes less sensitive to inflammation and associated symptoms decrease. Vulvar pain (dyspareunia), irritation and itching are also reduced. Improving or maintaining your quality of life is an important benefit of DESIRIAL treatment and you should quickly appreciate it. DESIRIAL preserves the femininity helping to limit the vaginal dryness.
Additional sessions of injections may be necessary to guarantee an optimal and long-lasting result. Your doctor will know which DESIRIAL treatment is best for you. Ask your doctor for information on the DESIRIAL treatment and book an appointment for a personal treatment.

Are there any contraindications ?

  • This is a single-use product. Do not re-use. Use on more than a single patient risks cross-contamination.
  • Do not resterilize. Inject immediately after opening and discard after injection.
  • Not for injections other than into subcutaneous vulvar labia majora or vaginal mucous membrane.
  • Not for injection into clitoral area or labia minora.
  • Not for injection close to or within the urethra.
  • Not for use in patients with a tendency to develop hypertrophic scars.
  • Not for use in patients with a known hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid, mannitol, or any other ingredient in this injectable.
  • Not for use in pregnant women.
  • Not for use in breastfeeding women.
  • Not for use in children.
  • Not for use in areas with clinical signs of inflammation or infection, including bacterial, fungal such as thrush, or viral such as papilloma or herpes. Not for use in patients after treatment for one of these infections.
  • Not for use in blood vessels.
  • If patient has a history of genital herpes, the needle punctures may trigger a new episode.
  • Not for injection close to menstruation.
  • Do not use quaternary ammonium derivatives for disinfection. These could irritate genital mucous membranes.
  • Not for injection into blood vessels or muscles.
  • If patient has a history of or currently has autoimmune disease or cancer in an area close to the injection site, decide case-by-case whether to inject, depending on nature of illness and associated treatment. Ensure special monitoring of these patients, including offering a double test before treatment and not injecting if the disease is active.
  • Perform a double test before treating patients with a history of streptococcal disease including recurrent sore throat or acute rheumatic fever. The manufacturer does not recommend injecting if there is a history of acute rheumatic fever with cardiac localization.
  • There is no clinical data on injecting this implant into an area corrected by implants of other brands, so the manufacturer does not recommend this.
  • Do not use if package is open or damaged.
  • Do not mix with other products.
  • Do not use cannula if you are treating Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD).
  • For injection by legally-authorized practitioners with experience using injection techniques for similar products and with a good anatomical knowledge of treatment site.
  • In the week before treatment, patient should avoid taking aspirin, NSAIDs, platelet aggregation inhibiting drugs, anticoagulants, or vitamin C.
  • Patient should notify their doctor if they are undergoing anticoagulant treatment or have a haemostatic disorder, because there is an increased risk of haematomas.
  • For ten days after injection, patients should avoid going to wet locations, such as swimming pools, gyms, steam rooms, and jacuzzis.
  • For five days after injection, patient should avoid any sexual activity.
  • For several days after injection, patient should avoid any activity that puts pressure on the treated area, including cycling and horseback riding.
    Use Instructions
  1. Obtain patient’s free and informed consent before treatment.
  2. Review patient’s medical history with the patient.
  3. Explain indications and expected results to patient. Verify you can fulfill patient’s expectations. Explain contraindications, precautions, potential adverse events, and other important information.
  4. Perform a thorough examination to eliminate the possibility of fungal, viral, or bacterial infection, or vulvo-vaginal inflammation.
  5. Ensure injectable is at room temperature.
  6. Observe current rules for injection asepsis and handling.
  7. The manufacturer recommends using Lidocaine or another anesthesia.
  8. Use the needles supplied with the injectable. Firmly screw needle or cannula onto syringe’s luer lock tip.
  9. Ensure needle has penetrated correctly before injecting.
  10. Inject slowly either subcutaneously using 27 G 1/2 needles to treat slight hypotrophy or into the deep dermis using 30 G 1/2 needles for bio-stimulation.
  11. For injection into the vulvar labia majora or minora, inject subcutaneously along longitudinal axis. Use a linear retro-tracing technique, either fan or lattice. You may also inject 2 to 3 cm on either side of the entrance to the vagina using the multi-puncture technique.
  12. Do not overcorrect. Inject no more than 20 ml cross-linked hyaluronic acid per person per year.
  13. If patient experiences increased pain during injection, stop injecting and withdraw needle or cannula.
  14. If needle or cannula is blocked, do not increase pressure. Replace the needle or cannula.
  15. Gently massage treated area for optimal correction evenness.
  16. After treatment, properly dispose of syringe, residual product, needles, and cannulas.
  17. Schedule a follow-up consultation a few days after the injection.
  18. Depending on the patient, injection depth, and characteristics of the treated area, you may need to administer a second injection session. Administer follow-up injections regularly to help

Can this injectable be combined with other treatments?
The manufacturer does not recommend injecting this filler into an area containing other brands of implants.
How do I store DESIRIAL?
Store between 2° C and 25° C. Keep away from frost and light. Not adhering to storage conditions could alter the filler’s performance. Use before expiry date listed on package.
Where can I buy DESIRIAL?
You can buy DESIRIAL online at jabhealthlimited.com by choosing a quantity and adding to cart. You can also phone a helpful customer service associate to order this vaginal rejuvenation injectable or other cosmetic and medical supplies.

To ensure efficient hydration of the vulva, Desirial is injected directly into the vulvovaginal tissue. Due to the sensitivity of this area, a simple local anaesthetic may be necessary to ensure a painless, more efficient treatment.
Specifically, Desirial is injected into the sides of the longitudinal axis of the labia minora or labia majora. A very fine needle (27–30G) must be used during this process, as this will allow for the product to be injected superficially.
Desirial injections must be performed by practitioners specialized in both reconstructive and functional gynecology. Practitioners must be legally authorized to offer this service, and must have a strong anatomical knowledge of the treatment site and experience with filler injection techniques. Desirial must never be injected into the muscles or blood vessels.
Each procedure lasts about 20 minutes. Additional sessions may be required to ensure long-lasting, optimal results.

Are there any adverse effects?

After an injection session, as with any injection of hyaluronic acid, some reactions may occur, such as swelling, bruising, itching, sensitivity at the injection site, which should be resorbed within a few days (non-exhaustive list; please read the product instructions for use carefully).
Any side effects that persist for more than a week or the appearance of any other adverse event must be notified to your physician as quickly as
At jabhealthlimited.com we provide full package of Desirial products at very cheap and affordable prices.

DESIRIAL® 1ML 2 Syringes x 1ml per pack € 153,00

DESIRIAL® PLUS 2ML 1 Syringe x 2ml per pack € 153,00

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